Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Weddings: Sweet Details

creative sweets are making a huge appearance in today's wedding scenes.....Its not just your typical wedding cake anymore you know?! and my oh my are people getting creative....I always see wedding details that encompass the love of it, candy, cupcakes, cakes, sodas, pies, etc. Above you will see just some of the few ways people are displaying their sweet tooth and sharing it with others.
People are using sweets for favors, place holders, centerpieces, etc. and the presentation is always so lovely!
We have chosen to do a candy and cookie bar at our wedding along with a more traditional wedding cake. Are you incorporating sweets in your wedding?
{photos: 100 layer cake, julie + todd, martha Stewart, Utterly engaged}


  1. Lovely pics ! Thx for visiting my blog :) Mon Mode Blog

  2. So cute! now you'll have to post pics of the sweets at your wedding ;) good luck!


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