Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spin on Invites

Wedding invitations are looking more and more fabulous now a days and more and more unique. It is totally posh to have your wording all on the bottom, using three different fonts, with bold colors, and thematic graphics. I think having a fun invitation sets the tone for your wedding and gives an insight to your personality and theme. Have fun with it!
I've seen so many different invitation styles on the blogs so I had to go check them out and share them with you. I decided to share some of my faves from (pictures above) and some designers found on
Etsy Roundup:



I love these etsy designers because they are also budget friendly. A count of 100 invites averages about $300-350. Another thing about etsy is that you are more likely to find designers who can custom make something for you that is more in your price bracket or custom make additional wedding suite pieces.

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