Monday, September 20, 2010

Veil Fashion

Add a dash of high fashion or french couture to your wedding wardrobe by picking a unique veil. We all know of the cathedral, chapel, fingertip & mantilla veils...and the birdcage veil is definitely cutting into the scene right now. But to give you more options...You can go with the french veil look shown in the top left and bottom right. I love these...especially that lace one! I found it on 100 layer cake. Or you may want to pick something more high fashion like a bubble veil or the Marilyn piece by Sarah Gabriel . Sarah Gabriel has many awesome pieces so check them out!

check out how it looks when this bride totally rocked her unconventional veil (pictures right above)....seen on "kiss the groom".... Don't be afraid to try something different and unique!!

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