Monday, January 24, 2011

Color of the Year: Honeysuckle

{elements of style}

Well Pantone announced their 2011 color of the year a few weeks ago. Its Pantone 18-2120....also known as...Honeysuckle!!

Its a shade of pink that has just enough brightness and just enough softness to it. The above color schemes shared by Erin Gate from Elements of Style, showcase the versatility of honeysuckle...and although she may have been alluding to interior design and style...I think that her combos also make excellent wedding color palletes. Here are a couple of combos that I chose to make simple inspiration boards out of. Cant find the exact shade for every detail in your wedding? Go ahead and mix it up with different and similar shades. Its a great way to add texture to your event =)

Would you use this color? Are you using this color? How?

Pink + Black

{created by me on my Polyvore site}
Pink + Turquoise

{created by me on my Polyvore site}

You can get more info on the items I used on these boards at my Polyvore site. Just click ont the links under the pictures

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