Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simple steps to happiness

{moritz resl via Swissmiss}

Love this graphic by Moritz Resl...I might just need to get this for the home. Its simple, do things you like....don't do things you don't like. And in case you are a visual learner like myself, you will appreciate this flow chart.

But seriously, as simple as it may seem, its nice to have a reminder to: 1) keep it simple 2) and surround yourself with all things positive and all things you love.

I really want to embrace that here on the blog so we have some new stuff coming up....with the simple premise of "things we like (...and love)"

good night loves



  1. This is so very true! That's why so many people who dislike their jobs are SO unhappy.

  2. This simplifies everything! Love it. xo Lola


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