Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frosted candy and sorbet colors

{seen on darling Dexter}

These color combos have such a cool and dreamy feel to them. They are perfect for the home, for your wardrobe, an wedding theme. And when you pair them with grey and earthy tones.... Extra yum!

I like that they add pops of color without being too overbearing. Which is your favorite color?

This cake is so gorgeous! the colors, the layers, the stripes! of course....this is a Miss Martha Stewart feature!

Put together in a watercolor effect in these votives


Wardrobe examples... Again, the skirt! WANT!!

{seen on pintrest}
I don't know what closet would be like this but I would love a shoe display and vignette space like this! You can see the different Colored shoes and just imagine all the lovely outfits they could go with... Btw, did you spot that suitcase?


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